River Rush - Paddling on the Thompson River.

Our club caters to both beginner and advanced levels. We are a fully inclusive club accepting all ages from 16 up as well as all skill levels..


River Rush - Paddle the Thompson.

Our season runs April - September

Paddle the Thompson River

Our club is for both beginner and advanced paddlers. For beginners it is best to join the club in April or May. Enjoy the thrill and pleasure of paddling the Thompson River, see the bear cubs on shore, watch the osprey fish in the river....

Race events

We enter both mixed and womens races around BC. 


Our club engages in various social events both in season and offseason including: Bowling, golfing, snowshoeing, hiking, Boogie the Bridge, Operation Rednose and more....

Off season training


We offer off season training to keep up your fitness during the winter months. Dryland keeps you strong!