Dragon boating in Kamloops was established in 1994.  The club started out with 20 members who paddled in 10-man voyageur canoes on the South Thompson River.  The club now has 100+ members and 5 full-size dragonboats in the fleet. Kamloops Dragon Boat Club (KDBC) is special.  We are a group of individuals who train hard and have a lot of fun doing it:

  • We have the comradery from a large member base who paddle together regularly.
  • We have 1-3 boats on the water each night which adds a bit of friendly competition to the practices.
  • We have a super coaching staff who will help you become the best paddler you want to be.
  • We offer the opportunity to attend festivals to anyone who joins the club.
  • We have mixed and women’s teams that attend festivals.
  • We have excellent socials, fun races and get-togethers throughout the year.

We’re always looking to introduce others to the great sport of dragon boating.  We have a program that will hopefully fit everyone’s expectations.  For those looking to be more competitive and participate in festivals, we expect that you’ll come to as many practices as possible and ideally dragon boating will be only a part of your overall fitness program.  For those looking for a more casual approach, come to those practices that best suit you and do your best.  Regardless, we have a place for you!

KDBC – Club Mandate

The Kamloops Dragon Boat Club (KDBC) fosters the sport of dragon boat paddling in several ways.  We:

  • Develop, promote, and maintain paddling skills and techniques;
  • Provide positive coaching reinforcement;
  • Promote and represent the City of Kamloops at local and international festivals with sportsmanlike conduct;
  • Promote the sport of Dragon Boat Paddling within the Kamloops community;

Encourage members to respect, protect, and appreciate the Thompson Rivers.

KDBC – Mission Statement

The Kamloops Dragon Boat Club (KDBC), while enjoying the beauty of the Thompson Rivers, strives to create an open and dynamic atmosphere where people can develop and improve their paddling skills, meet new people, and train for and compete in festivals.